• $31.25

This EPDM rubber closed-cell replacement or new seal is an extremely popular size in today's sealing industry.  This is a very universal seal that can be used for Recreational Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Marine, Window, Door, or Construction.  Keep the elements our of your application.  This seal is backed with H2 adhesive tape for superior placement and staying power.  

9187ST comes in lengths of 25', 50', and 100' 

Our ST Tape is a red release liner with these advantages...

Advantages:  These adhesives are characterized by high adhesion and holding strength, and form durable, long lasting bonds on most substrate surfaces. They feature an instant adhesion and provide a continuous seal against moisture, dirt, and noise intrusion.

They are thermally bonded to the extruded profile using specially-designed heat laminating equipment. When properly applied, a permanent bond between the tape and the surface of the extrusion is obtained, providing an attachable profile that can be bonded to a large variety of surface materials.