KeBloc.com now offers a universal TV mount bolt kit to make sure the TV you choose for your KeBloc TV mount fits the first time.  Avoid the hassle of going to a hardware store and hoping they have the right screws by purchasing this universal TV mounting hardware kit with your TV mount. It includes everything you'll need, and then some. This pack will especially come in handy if you need hard-to-find M8 screws.

This hardware pack will ensure you will have all the possible metric bolts and spacers needed when mounting your TV. Universal TV Mounting Hardware Pack Fits All TVs Includes M4, M5, M6, and M8 TV Screws and Spacer Assortment for Mounting Virtually All TV's. TV bolts are specialized metric bolts that are hard-to-find. Great for mounting a NEW TV on an existing mount but you no longer have these specialized bolts and spacers. The longer bolts are typically used for curved TV mounting.

Package Contents

(4) - M4 x 12mm (1/2" length) 

(4) - M4 x 20mm (3/4" length) 

(4) - M5 x 12mm (1/2" length) 

(4) - M5 x 20mm (3/4" length 

(4) - M6 x 14mm (1/2" length) 

(4) - M6 x 30mm (1 1/8" length) 

(4) - M8 x 30mm (1 1/8" length) 

(4) - M8 x 50mm (2" length) 

(4) - Metal Spacer Plates 

(8) - 5mm Spacer washers (M8 inside diameter) 

(8) - 15mm Spacer washers (M8 inside diameter)

Part #: 1011116-U


Customer Reviews


I am not sure who came up with this design, but it is fantastic. The mount is constructed well and will not come off the wall, just make sure you hit your stud. Then the accessories to go with the mounts are second to none, you'd pay more for cheaper mounts in stores. Great AAAAAA+
Brian Faulkner  -  Indiana 

Completely Awesome!!!!!

This product is completely awesome. I got the Kebloc with swivel tv mount. The mount locks so when your moving in a vehicle or rv it stays in place. It is built like a tank and won't fail you like other products I have used. Completely Awesome!!!!!
Jan Smith - Wisconsin

Could not be happier

Could not be happier with how this system worked on my boat. Use one KeBloc for a trash bag holder out on my main deck and two for moving a tv in and out of my Yacht. Nothing will move this unit and I am not afraid of it falling off due to waves.
Will Adams - Hilton Head

Solid stud

Quality is second to none. Never seen a product built so well. As long as you find a solid stud or have a place that will hold the KeBloc well you have nothing to worry about. Will buy more for my office soon. Thanks for the order.
Robert Willhelm - Eureka, CA

Unique and well built.

I can't imagine a better made or more convenient product has ever been invented for a TV. This is really unique and well built.
Tony Beach  -  Sacramento


35 lbs. is the max weight that should be used on a Kebloc mounting system.
We don't recommend any TV manufacturers, just make sure your total weight does not exceed 35 lbs. With TV's today that should be easy to do and you should be able to get a fairly large TV if you choose and it fits your spot.
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